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“So, no, no one’s really ready for it, but I think you find solidarity in the collective anxiety.

We’re mobilizing.” Jihad Turk, 45, knows firsthand the disconnect many young Muslims feel from their clergy.

The unspoken thought, he said, was “That could’ve been us.”“I think everybody’s really scared.

We don’t know what’s going to happen, but we’re being called to talk about it in the media, at work, with our families, with our students,” Zeb said of the challenges US Muslim leaders face these days.

“So we take the tradition and we apply to it critical-thinking skills and a diverse perspective, and it’s here for the American Muslim context in particular.

We want to be a beacon.”Turk’s familiarity with the everyday frictions of Muslim life in America might be his single greatest asset as Bayan’s president.

What that means in an Islamic context is still being hashed out, but already US-born clerics appear more willing to break taboos and to work more inclusively with allies than the current crop of full-time imams, 85% of whom were born abroad, according to a 2011 study.

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In Chapel Hill, grieving students Zeb had never met recognized him as a chaplain and collapsed in his arms.Today, 53 grad students — including 21 women — are learning Islamic leadership skills in a curriculum that pushes criticalthinking and cultural fluency.

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